What is re-upholstery?

You might think re-upholstery is just replacing the fabric on your furniture. In fact, it’s much more.

Upholstery fabric is just one element of your furniture. And while it’s perhaps the most visible, it sometimes isn’t the most important. Your furniture is also made up of elements such as these: interior structures/frames, exterior or ornamental woodwork, foam, springs, webbing, down fill, piping or other edging.

Re-upholstery is about tending to the whole construction of your furniture. Michael fixes structural issues, reties springs, and replaces faulty webbing. Together, this means your furniture returns to you not just with an updated fabric, but also with a sound structure your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Do I have to buy my fabric from Michael?

No, you can bring any upholstery fabric you like as long as there is enough yardage for your project.

Many upholstery businesses require you to purchase fabrics in their stores, and often overestimate the yardage required—which means more expense for you. Sometimes, the reverse is true: some stores won’t sell fabric to you unless you use their upholstery services—which can also mean more expense for you. Of course, you can buy your fabric from Michael, too, with a wide selection to choose from and at competitive prices.

This also means you can get creative with your project—mixing materials and patterns to achieve the aesthetics you’re after. Recover a wing chair in a quilt? Why not! Are you needlepoint wizard who wants to display work on a chair or stool? Bring it!

Is my piece of furniture a good candidate for re-upholstery?

Any quality furniture is a great candidate for re-upholstery no matter its age. From outdated sofas to antique wing chairs, re-upholstery can update your home design and add many years of life to your furniture.

Because of questionable internal construction or substandard materials, not every piece of furniture is a good candidate for re-upholstery. In evaluating your project, Michael will be honest with you about whether your project would benefit from re-upholstery. If it isn’t, he will tell you.

Why should I re-upholster when I can buy new furniture inexpensively?

There are some great deals on new furniture out there! But how important to you is the construction of your furniture? Do you want it to last several or more years?

Much of today’s new furniture is cheaply sold because it’s cheaply made. New pieces can contain plywood frames and plastic structural elements, inferior quality foam, and inferior upholstery fabric or leather. These inexpensive materials can cause your furniture to lose its shape, become uncomfortable, and look shabby after only a matter of months. How does Michael know this? He has taken apart and investigated the upholstery on many new pieces, and his customers have asked him for help with pieces that are pre-maturely falling apart used after only two years of use.

What’s the difference between Michael’s and other upholstery businesses?

small chairBecause Michael’s is an owner-operated business, you know who’s working on your furniture. Your project isn’t farmed out to some unknown sub-contractor: Michael himself works on it.